about us

The Informed Choice Coalition (ICC) is a grassroots organization working towards improvement in the informed choice process before, during, and after a birth, from pre-pregnancy to postpartum.  The ICC advocates for and supports the right to bodily autonomy in all health care related decisions.

Comprised of concerned citizens, midwives, and various grassroots and professional organizations, we believe that women and their families have a basic right to make the decision for or against any offered intervention in the course of her care, including prenatal testing, hands-on interventions during pregnancy or birth, and postpartum testing or treatment of the mother-baby dyad. In order to make these decisions, women rely on their birth-care providers, which puts an enormous burden upon midwives and doctors to provide complete, up to date, unbiased information. The ICC works directly with women, families, midwives, doctors, and hospitals to improve the informed choice process so that it adheres to legislation, including Ontario’s Health Care Consent Act, and also adheres to a woman’s basic constitutional rights.

The Informed Choice Coalition of Ottawa founded “CHOICE! A Birth and Baby Film Festival” to present families with the range of choices available to them in the childbearing years and beyond. Each documentary film screening opens a safe space for dialogue between consumers, care providers, and other experts in the field.

For details, please see the Film Festival tab.

Contact us at info@informedchoice.ca

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