Mothers Matter: Supporting Women’s Rights in Childbirth

From Mother’s Day to Labour Day, share how birth has impacted your life.

Your stories matter.  The Mothers Matter Campaign has been extended.  Please submit your story about why birth and how birthing women are treated matters to you.

A woman’s childbirth experience is important. It affects her life in many ways.  The way a woman is cared for during childbirth affects her physical and emotional well-being, as well her future birth experiences. The way a woman is empowered to make decisions, and the fulfillment of her expectations of childbirth, affects her satisfaction with her birth. A woman’s childbirth experience has a long-lasting impact on her—as an individual, mother, partner and community member.  A woman’s childbirth experience becomes her story.

Mothers of Change wants to hear your birth story! You are invited to participate in Mothers Matter, an initiative to encourage decision makers in our region to support policy and practice that leads to positive outcomes for women and babies.  All you have to do is share how your birth experience has influenced your life.

Your story, together with the stories of many participating women, will be shared with decision makers in maternity care.  The goal of this initiative is to bring awareness to the changes required in various areas of child birth that could lead to better short- and long-term outcomes for women and babies. Together, we can help those making maternity care decisions understand how the existing birth culture and practices have a lasting impact on the lives of the women and families in our region.

Regardless of whether you experienced a positive or negative birth, or how, when or where you gave birth, your story matters.  Mothers Matter is open for all women to share their experiences—from traumatic birth to empowered birth, and everything in between. We want to hear your story.

There are many ways that you can participate and let decision makers know how your maternity care affected you:

1) Submit your story using our web form; you can choose to send it to your Member of Parliament at the same time.

2) Use our letter template:  download a letter template from our website which you can use to send to your health care provider, the health care centre you birthed at, and / or your local Members of Provincial Parliament (MPP). It is free to mail to your MP (federal) or the Prime Minister, but not to your MPP.

3) Mail us a Mothers Matter postcard:  include a note about how Birth Matters to you so we can share it with decision-makers.

Make your story count.  Mothers Matter, too.

This is an event by Mothers of Change – National Capital Region Chapter.

Postcard printing costs were raised through the CHOICE! Birth and Baby Film Festival, an initiative of the Informed Choice Coalition of Ottawa, in partnership with the Coalition for Breech Birth, and Consumers Supporting Midwifery Care.

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