Breech Birth in Ottawa

The safest way to have a vaginal breech birth in Ottawa is to first gain knowledge around the politics, history, and types of options you have by attending a worthwhile seminar called, “Half a Day at the Breech,” presented by midwife Betty-Anne Daviss.

Betty-Anne has worked internationally to bring the best of international technique together which she presents in this seminar with videos and studies.  She also calls on those of us who have had breech births or as doulas, have supported women with breech births, to describe their experience in the Ottawa Hospitals at these seminars.

Synopsis of the literature at “Evolving Evidence Since the Term Breech Trial: Canadian Response, European Dissent, and Potential Solutions” [PDF].

You can contact Betty-Anne through the East Ottawa Midwives at 613-590-1711.

Alcohol Effects, Addiction Treatment, and Resources – general resources to anyone experiencing alcohol use disorder.

Alcohol Rehab Help – information on alcohol use disorder and co-occurring mental health disorders, together with comprehensive information regarding treatment options.

Champlain Maternal Newborn Regional Program (CMNRP) – promotes evidence-informed, high quality health care for mothers, newborns and families, for improved health and clinical outcomes. This is done within an integrated, accountable and sustainable system, ensuring the best start to life for the children of both the Champlain and the South East LHINs.

Coalition for Breech Birth (CBB) – a consumer-driven, grassroots organization advocating for the re-normalization of vaginal breech birth.

Consumers Supporting Midwifery Care (CSMC) – Ottawa area grassroots group of consumers advocating for increased access to midwifery care.

Dangers of Tobacco Use: Daycare Staff and SIDS Risk

Drug Abuse in Pregnancy: Two Lives at Risk Guide on Pregnancy and Addiction – help for pregnant women who are suffering from addiction.

Informed Choice Coalition (ICC) – a grassroots organization working towards improvement in the informed choice process before, during, and after a birth, from pre-pregnancy to post-partum.

International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN) – works to improve mother and baby health by lowering the caesarean rate through education, providing support for caesarean recovery, and promoting VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean). ICAN Canada.

La Leche League – LLL Canada encourages, promotes and provides mother-to-mother breastfeeding support and educational opportunities as an important contribution to the health of children, families and society.
Ottawa Centre:

Mothercraft Ottawa – charitable, non-profit organization that provides programs and services for parents with infants and young children.

Mothers of Change – non-profit, Canadian consumer advocacy group for maternity care.

Pathways Connect Conscious Parenting – FREE gathering of parents who are making conscious, holistic parenting choices. Meetings are open to families interested in gaining knowledge and support from other parents who are also on the path of making more conscious lifestyle choices. Ottawa page.

Perinatal Mental Health Handout by Susan Martensen

Positive Birth Movement – A global network of free to attend groups, connecting pregnant women and those who want to support pregnant women, to share stories, expertise and positivity about childbirth. Positive Birth Movement aims to challenge the epidemic of negativity and fear that surrounds modern birth, and help change birth for the better.

Former CHOICE! panelist, Rachel Samulack shares about the importance of support for families expecting rainbow babies.

Your Birth Circle – FREE gathering, a place for ALL pregnant women – regardless of their background, experience or choices – to come together and share experiences, thoughts, feelings and insight about childbirth. Some are run by birth professionals such as Doulas, Midwives, or Childbirth teachers. Others are facilitated by women who are simply passionate about birth as a positive experience.

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