Why birth matters to me – example

Birth matters to me, as a (mother / father / sister / Midwife / Doula / Doctor / fill in the blank). I have (experienced / witnessed) the importance of birth in women’s lives (add your own comments). I gave birth in years, xx and xx at xx location. I was (happy / disappointed / fill in the blank) with (treatment).

To this day, I will always remember (discuss something about your birth experience that impacts you every day). Birth experience matters because (state a reason why your birth has had a lasting impact on you).

Mothers matter. Please ask a woman in your life about her birthing experience and I think that you’ll see why the National Capital Chapter of the Mothers of Change wants you to realize that birth matters to mothers too. It’s not just about a healthy baby; the physical and emotional health of mothers matters too.

Please advocate for women and mothers; their well-being affects us all.

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