Why Not Home?

Why Not Home?

whyNotHomeMdSaturday, November 12, 2016

6:00 pm Pre-show presentation
7:00 pm Feature Film
8:30 pm Community Panel

Amphitheatre, Saint Paul University at 223 Main Street in Ottawa


Why Not Home?
Why not Home? tells the stories of doctors, nurses, and midwives who have attended hundreds of hospital births, yet chose to have their children at home. How did these women with inside knowledge of birth evaluate the evidence and make their decisions? Through the experiences of these women, both at home and in the hospital, we gain unique insights into risk, safety, and the experience of childbirth in America.
(78 minutes)

Why Not Home? Trailer from Jessicca Moore on Vimeo.

For more information, see Why Not Home? site.

Pre-show Presentation ~ 6:00pm

Great Sex, Great Birth

Dr. Nancy Salgueiro will be discussing how the essential factors that make for great sex are the same as what makes for a great birth. “What gets the baby in, gets the baby out.”

She will be discussing how the neurology and physiological responses in sex and birth are paralleled, how we can create the conditions for physiological birth by being aware of the conditions that allow for sexual arousal, the factors that can interfere with both physiological responses, and how practicing great sex can be used as preparation for childbirth.

Panel Discussion and Talk Back to follow the film

Nancy Salgueiro

nancyDr. Nancy Salgueiro is a prenatal and pediatric chiropractor, birth doula, and childbirth educator trained with Birthing from Within. Her focus is the neurology and physiology of childbirth and the birth blueprints and belief systems that are imprinted through the images, messages, and stories to which we have been exposed throughout our lives.

To help people create a new mental framework for what birth can look like, in 2011, Dr. Nancy gave birth to her third child live online. With extensive worldwide media coverage and thousands watching she had a peaceful, family-centred home birth allowing the public a view of an undisturbed, physiological birth.

She is the author of “An Empowered Woman’s Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy” and the upcoming book “Great Sex, Great Birth.” She is a co-founder of the CHOICE! A Birth and Baby Film Festival and hosts two community support group. One for parenting called Pathways Connect, the other part of the Positive Birth movement called Your Birth Circle.

Mathieu Paulin

mathieu2Mathieu Paulin is the father of 2 little boys. His first son was a natural birth at the hospital and his second son was a waterbirth at home.

When his wife, who is an RN, initially approached him about a homebirth he was very reticent. Fearful of the thought of not being at a hospital in case of an immediate emergency was his primary concern. However, as the pregnancy progressed, then meeting with the midwives and learning about midwifery care, he became more open to the idea.

After researching the facts on having a homebirth, he felt much more secure in the undertaking and was ready to embrace this opportunity. To this day, he could not imagine the birth having gone any other way. The experience, for him, was not far off from magical.

Billie Harrington

billieBillie is the mother of 7 wonderful children and a Nana to 3 adorable grandchildren. She began supporting birthing families in 1984. After a traumatic first birth, Billie found a group of women who shared their happy birthing and breastfeeding experiences with her. As they became friends, they taught each other about healthy pregnancies, positive births and newborn care. They helped take care of each other through the childbearing years whilst supporting each other through their homebirths. It was woman-to-woman and family-to-family support that made a difference. In some ways it was a return to traditional birth and in others it was the beginning of our modern doulas. It also ignited her deep passion for studying the science of birth and what makes it safe and joyous.
During those years, Billie homeschooled her children, became a La Leche League leader, served as a lay pastoral counsellor and supported hundreds of families.

Billie is currently the Director of Education for Childbirth International serving over 6000 students in 106 countries. She’s the co-founder and co-director of Birth Trauma Ontario, a peer resource for mothers coming to grips with a traumatic experience, a certified birth and postpartum doula, a birth consultant, a holistic perinatal educator and a traditional homebirth companion. She works primarily with mothers of trauma as they learn about their options and develop skills for moving into increasing peace and wellness.

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Tickets will be available at the door for $15, until we are sold out. Cash only.

Paperless Tickets

Paper tickets will not be issued. You will receive a confirmation e-mail. Your tickets will be noted by your e-mail address. You do not need to print anything.


Location of Screening

All screenings will be held at Saint Paul University at 223 Main Street in Ottawa. Parking is available on the North side of the building for a flat fee of $10. Street parking is available. Please enter the building through the door off the North parking lot. There will be a sign to indicate what room the screening will be in.

This festival is completely volunteer run. All proceeds will go to support local birth and breastfeeding groups.












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