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Pre-show Presentation for

A Mother is Born

Louise Hayden


Returning to Wise Woman Ways

Women’s Health and Spirituality Practitioner and Teacher, Louise Hayden will be sharing her passion to bring wise women ways back our modern world. She will be discussing the benefits of women’s circles and the Ottawa Red Tent, of reclaiming practices around the stages of women”s lives and of women wise healing approaches.

After a long and difficult recovery from birth and postpartum, Louise was struck by the lack of community for new mothers, and of cultural and social support for the early years of motherhood. She yearned for wisdom and support around issues of transition and rite of passage in becoming a mother, and the loss the previous self. She spent time researching customs and practices from other times and places and realized how much of women’s wisdom in all areas of their lives had been lost. She set about trying to redress this imbalance by providing women’s circles with the Ottawa Red Tent, classes and workshops with a ‘Wise Woman’ approach and individual healing sessions.

The practice of coming together as women in circle, to listen to one another’s stories, to share experiences and care for one another on a regular basis is not often found outside of faith communities. The Red Tent Temple Movement offers an inclusive space that welcomes all women regardless of their background, and provides a much needed pause for women to take time for themselves. It was due to the empowering nature of the women’s circle that she felt propelled to offer deeper learning opportunities in classes and workshops and share women’s lost wisdom.

Louise has also been working and studying alongside her own wise woman healer/mentor/educator for several years and offers individual mind/body/spirit sessions that are geared specifically to healing women’s health & spirit.

Louise often hears women remark that they feel they have been missing something from their lives, but didn’t know what is was until they came together in a wise woman way.
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About Louise

Louise is a Women’s Health and Spirituality Practitioner and Teacher.  She works with women individually for healing and mentoring, teaches Wise Woman classes, holds the Ottawa Red Tent and offers Womb Blessings as a Moon Mother for Ottawa/Gatineau. Louise is a Reflexologist, Reiki Practitioner and Moon Mother Country Co-ordinator. She has also worked as Doula, and Pre-Natal Yoga Teacher and offers support for miscarriage and postpartum depression/anxiety.

She has a strong passion for empowering women and marries ancient and modern philosophies from cultures across the world, and draws upon the support and mentorship from an international network of wise women.  Her fundamental approach to women’s wellness is to provide a safe and supportive place for healing body, mind and spirit.

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