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The Face of Birth

Pre-show Presentation for

The Face of Birth

Jillian Nicol and Susanne Reinhold


Why does Alignment Matter for Birthing Women?

Constant pain, pelvic floor problems or diastasis recti are a common occurrence of pregnancy. However, those issues are not a natural feature of pregnancy.

Come join us for our presentation before the movie, The Face of Birth, and find out how/why a pain free pregnancy is possible and why whole body alignment matters to get there.  We’ll be talking about how alignment can affect women’s comfort levels while pregnant, how it impacts labour, how it can lower the risk of birth injury and decrease recovery time after birth.

We’ll be offering an alternative viewpoint to some conventional advice that’s given to pregnant women and new moms.  We’ll explain how Restorative Exercise is a holistic way of looking at pre and postnatal issues, and why HOW WE MOVE throughout the day has more to do with health and well being than traditional exercise formats.

We look forward to seeing you there.

For this presentation, Jillian Nicol and Susanne Reinhold team up as fellow graduates of the Whole Body Alignment Course from the Restorative Exercise Institute, USA.

Jillian is an artist turned health enthusiast who was motivated to dig deeper and past conventional health wisdom after a difficult childbirth and recovery. She found answers at the Restorative Exercise Institute and embarked on a year of study. In July of last year, she graduated as a Restorative Exercise Specialist / Personal Trainer and is now studying at the Master level. She started a business called LiveAligned to bring the program to people at different levels of health and with different abilities, and posts regular health articles on  her blog.

Susanne is a Social Worker by degree and has always led an active lifestyle – she worked as a bike messenger in the UK for many years.  When she moved to Canada midway through her first pregnancy she enrolled in prenatal fitness classes.  She loved it so much that she decided to become a certified personal trainer.  A few years and a second child later, she found Restorative Exercise.  The program made her realize that health and fitness are two very different things, and that overall whole body movement is better for us than a ‘three times a week for an hour’ exercise regime.  She now works to bridge the gap between exercise and natural movement with her business Kangaroo Fitness and through writing articles on her blog.



5 countries, 6 births, 7 babies
Pre-show Presentation for

5 Countries, 6 Births, 7 Babies

Tatiana  Platchenko


Birth Labyrinth

Please join doula and childbirth educator Tatiana Platchenko from Nesting in Ottawa as she leads the group through a birth labyrinth.  Birth labyrinths have been used by Indian midwives for over 2000 years.  They can be an invaluable tool for your clients or personal birth preparation.  Anyone wanting to make a birth labyrinth should contact Tatiana at to attend the “Birth Labyrinth Making” workshop on Thursday, April 4th, 2013.  The labyrinths will be ready for pick up following the pre-show presentation on April 26.  The workshop fee is $5 or $12 if you wish to keep the labyrinth.  If you would like to attend the workshop, keep the labyrinth, and see 5 Countries, 6 Births, 7 Babies at the CHOICE! A Birth and Baby Film Festival, the cost is $20.  There are only 12 spots available, so register quickly!  The workshop will be located in Riverside south.  You may contact Tatiana directly to pay for the workshop, the labyrinth and the film.


Pre-show Presentation for

A Mother is Born

Dr. Nancy Salgueiro


Optimal Fetal Positioning

Join Dr. Nancy Salgueiro for her presentation on Optimal Fetal Positioning, before the movie A Mother is Born, where she will discuss how your baby’s position can influence the course of your labor and birth and what you can to help your baby achieve the best position for a gentle birth.

Dr. Nancy Salgueiro, D.C., F.I.C.P.A. has been practicing family, wellness chiropractic since 2003. Her focus in practice is prenatal and pediatric chiropractic and caring for the whole family. Dr. Salgueiro is certified in Webster’s Technique and pediatric chiropractic through the Intentional Chiropractic Pediatric Association.  She is also a childbirth educator and has coached numerous women through their pregnancies, births, and in caring for their young children.



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