The Other Side of the Glass

A Birth Film for Fathers 

Friday, October 12, 2012
Saint Paul University, Ottawa
Doors open 5:45pm
Pre-show presentation starting at 6:00pm
Feature Presentation at 7:00pm 

** Special Pricing for Men ** 

“Janel Mirendah has produced more than a film. It is a poignant love letter to fathers, babies and mothers, and also an imperative call to action for society: birth matters for each of our individual psyches, and for the future our shared human family, so we’d best consider how we do it.” — Marcy Axness, PhD, Author of Parenting for Peace. 

” Even men educated in birth and prepared for birth can not necessarily protect their partner and child in the medical establishment. The medical establishment has its own culture, one in which men and women enter into, and doing so, they give up their choices and their freedoms. There is no way for a man to be truly prepared to protect his wife and child in that environment.
Men must become engaged in changing the systems that harm women and babies – before they conceive their baby or after they’ve experienced the medical model of birth. It’s not likely he can do so during the birth. Nothing prepares a man for the experience of his wife’s disempowerment.
Most men do not even feel, think about, or discuss his experience of witnessing the disempowerment of his wife and abuse of the mama and baby. Men, in preparation or with the experience and insight of past violating experiences, can take back their power and protect women, not only for themselves but for those who follow them.
Men can rise up, come together, and lead the effort to create a physiological model of birth. Men can demand true informed consent, support midwifery laws, birth centers, and the demand the adherence of medical establishment to the evidence-based science. Men can address the political and hospital systems and the people who systematically harm babies and women in birth.”  — Birth and Beyond conference

For more information on the film, please visit The Other Side of the Glass website.

Special Demonstration Preceding the Film:
“Introducing Raw Whole Foods to Your Baby”

We all know the benefits of eating fresh organic produce. Most of us probably eat a variety of raw fruits, nuts and vegetables. Why must babies eat their apples and peaches cooked? Nathalie Beaupré, mother of two toddler boys pondered this question and decided it doesn’t have to be so. She will present on how to introduce raw foods to your baby. Having had two children close together, she sais she allows herself to experiment more with the second and even though she keeps commercial cereal on hand because sometimes needs a puree thickener, she encourages parents to educate themselves about raw alternatives such as chia and hemp seeds. She will also talk about vegetarian protein options, raw food combinations and methods such as juicing.

Visit her blog for a few Raw Baby ideas and website to see the variety of family events close to nature she organizes with Eric, her spouse.

Manel Discussion and Talk Back to follow the film.

Location of Screening

All screenings will be held at Saint Paul University at 223 Main Street in Ottawa.
For information on the location of the screening, please click here.

Advance sales are now closed.

Paperless Tickets

Note that paper tickets will not be issued. You will receive a confirmation e-mail. When you come to the film, please state your e-mail address to enter the festival. You do not need to print anything – we’ve gone paperless!


The Other Side of the Glass – Movie Trailer

All proceeds donated to local birth and breastfeeding groups, including the Coalition for Breech Birth.

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