Freedom for Birth

Something very special is happening today all over the world.

Don’t miss this WORLD WIDE SCREENING of Freedom for Birth.   Over 1000 screenings in over 50 countries in 17 different languages so that Human Rights in childbirth gains worldwide attention and awareness.

Thursday September 20, 2012
6:00 pm “Pelvis Love” presentation.  Doors will close at 6pm and reopen at 6:45.
7:00 pm Film
Amphitheatre, Saint Paul University, Ottawa

“Freedom for Birth” is more than just a film. It marks the beginning of a movement that will focus global attention on the violations of women’s rights during childbirth all around the world.  All women should have the right, protected by law, to decide where and how they give birth.  The problem is that the rise of a dominant obstetric “machine” is robbing women of this right.  The result is that many women are being subjected to medical interventions and c-sections they neither want or need.  Tragically, midwives, the very guardians of normal birth, are being persecuted and criminally prosecuted to the extent that some have even been imprisoned.  “Freedom for Birth” will highlight the human rights abuses happening right now in North America, Europe, Australia and beyond.
And, the film will offer up a solution that can help protect womens’ rights.
And that solution involves you!

For more information on the film, please visit the Freedom for Birth website and the One World Birth website.

Special Presentation Preceding the Film: “Pelvis Love”

Restorative Exercise specialist, Jillian Nicol, is offering a brief introduction to how the pelvic floor works. Come at 5:45 pm to find out how to increase birthing space, how to prevent and repair pelvic floor disorder, and why Kegels can cause more harm than good! You’ll even pick up some tips and exercises anyone can do to increase the health of pelvic floor starting right now. No special equipment or extra time needed.
Visit Jillian’s website at:
The doors will close at 6 pm sharp for this talk.  Doors wil re-open again at 6:45 for those wishing only to see the film.


Panel Discussion and Talk Back to follow the film.

Meet the Panelists:

  • Mante Molepo is a mother of two young children. She is currently on maternity leave from the federal government where she practices international trade law. Mante completed her law degrees from McGill University in Montreal, focusing on international trade law and human rights. She worked for a women’s rights organization in Kuala Lumpur as well as for the Special Court for Sierra Leone.
  • Danielle McLarty is a former L& D nurse, mother of 3. She believes that women should always have choices regarding their births and they should always be treated with respect and dignity regardless of the choices they make, and that mothers-to-be just need an abundance of support.
  • Betty-Anne Daviss has sat on the Women, Peace and Security Committee on Parliament Hill, is a Women’s Studies professor at Carleton University teaching reproductive rights, and now politics of gender and health.  She has sat on the International Federation of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, she is a researcher and published the BMJ study on the safety of home birth and is an author and contributing author of many books.  Most importantly, she is a crusader for women’s rights in childbirth and midwife extraordinaire who truly respects a women’s right to informed choices in childbirth.


Location of Screening

All screenings will be held at Saint Paul University at 223 Main Street in Ottawa.
For information on the location of the screening, please click here.

Advance sales are now closed.

Paperless Tickets

Note that paper tickets will not be issued. You will receive a confirmation e-mail. When you come to the film, please state your e-mail address to enter the festival. You do not need to print anything – we’ve gone paperless!


One World Birth – Movie Trailer


We Live in a Free Country, or Do We?  Dr. Nancy on Freedom for Birth.  


Dr. Nancy on Women Are Persons


Betty-Anne’s River Rant to Agnes Gereb under house arrest for attending home births


All proceeds donated to local birth and breastfeeding groups, including the Coalition for Breech Birth.

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