CHOICE! A Birth and Baby Film Festival

2017 CHOICE! Film Festival line-up:

bellySaturday, March 4th:
Childbirth: All or Nothing” (FREE Screening)
Reserve your free ticket.
(50 minutes)

Saturday, June 10th:
MILK(90 minutes)

Saturday, September 23rd:
Breeders: A Subclass of Women?
(52 minutes)

Saturday, November 25th:
VESSEL (90 minutes)

Stay tuned for more details.

* Dates and films subject to change

Get the 2017 3 Film Passport for $33.00 – see the 3 films on one ticket! (First film of the year is FREE!) For individual screening tickets, please click above on the film you wish to see — there is a “Buy tickets now” link on each film’s page.

Are you a passport holder? CHOICE! now has quite a collection of DVDs to loan to current passport holders. Please email if you’d like to borrow any of the films from this year or from the past. While we do not have them all, we have most available. Communicate with us and we’ll let you know!

6:00pm – Pre-show Presentation:  professionals in our local birth community volunteer their time to give a short informational presentation. We do our best to match the pre-show to the theme of a specific film.  Please contact us if this is something you’re interested in.

7:00pm – Feature Film

Following the Film – Discussion Panel:  an opportunity for local birth professionals and community members to engage in a respectful, facilitated discussion, about themes brought forth in the film.

Location:  Amphitheatre, Saint Paul University at 223 Main Street in Ottawa

CHOICE! has invited a wide variety of pre-show presenters and panelists into the Film Festival space. The stories and opinions of those in the pre-show or on the panel are reflective of their own personal experiences and interpretations. The particular community perspective or contribution is not necessarily reflective of the ICC, nor is the pre-show meant to generalize any group of providers or facilities. The organizers have never censored or restricted the opinions of anyone in the audience or on stage. All comments and feedback are invited. Everyone is welcome to perform a pre-show and to be on the panel. Thank you for your continued support.

At any time, please feel free to direct comments, criticisms and glowing complements to us at

Completely volunteer run, proceeds from CHOICE! A Birth and Baby Film Festival will go to support local birth and breastfeeding groups.

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